Rare is it that women electronic workers subcontracted in a foreign country bring their claims directly to the source, to the US firm that has contracted their employer and set the bottom line.  But this week, Korean women workers who had been working for Kiryung Electronics, a Korean company, are doing precisely that – bringing their claims for justice to Sirius Satellite Radio Inc., the principal contractor of their workplace, and to the American public.

**For more detailed information about Kiryung workers struggle, please goto the ndd website news page.

Nodutdol has formed an ad-hoc Kiryung Workers Support Committee and would like to invite you to:

1. attendance at a meeting with community groups and Kiryung on Oct. 15 6:30 or 7 pm, to learn about the workers’ struggle along with exchanging experiences of struggle and organizing in New York City.

2. support with flyering, petitioning, solidarity statements, from Oct. 16- Oct. 22nd – we’ll compile a volunteer/support calendar.

3. attendance and support (security, legal observers, documentation, flyering, picketing) at vigils and rallies scheduled for Friday Oct. 17th, and Tuesday Oct. 21st.

The first meeting on Oct. 15th will be a great opportunity to learn directly from South Korean workers about their long struggle, and to share the particular strategies and experiences of organizing in your community.

Please come! Your support is critical to the success of this struggle!

RSVP: sukjong33@gmail.com, yul-san@nodutdol.org, questions, call: 718-335-0419

Kiryung Workers Support Committee