We the people of the United States fully support Koreans who are opposing their government’s decision to import U.S. beef that could be contaminated with Mad Cow Disease. We find the following to be true:

  • U.S. beef poses a health threat to consumers in the United States and abroad
  • The trade liberalization of beef in S. Korea will benefit powerful U.S. meat corporations
  • The United States & S.Korean governments must re-negotiate the agreement on lifting the ban on U.S. beef to safeguard public health in S. Korea

U.S. beef is not safe. Among the few countries whose cattle has been afflicted with mad cow disease, the United States is the only country that continues to allow cows to be raised on mixed milk and cattle blood. To date, American medical experts continue to warn the public about the lack of U.S. regulations to adequately protect the public from mad cow disease. Under the current meat slaughtering and processing practices, U.S. beef may carry the highest risk of mad cow disease, for which citizens across the United States have been organizing and fighting against.

Concerned Americans against Mad Cow Disease

Los Angeles, New York, Washington D.C., San Francisco, Seattle, Toronto