2009 DEEP participants and Nodutdol will be hosting a fundraising event on Saturday, June 20th at the Nodutdol office to raise funds to bring medical suplies to maternity hospitals in North Korea. The door opens at 5:30pm. We are asking for $10 Admissions, plus tax deductible donations of any amount will be appreciated! There will be food, drinks (extra), and engaging and thought provoking entertainment- poetry and reflections from the north and south and from our own shores, with one thing in common- dreams of peace and an end to war on the Korean peninsula.

*The mission of DEEP is to bring activists and socially concerned Korean Americans to the northern part of our homeland. Because of the biased and negative portrayal of north Korea by the US government and mainstream media, most of us are poorly informed about the DPRK. This program helps to demystify the DPRK and to build a people-to-people exchange. Each year, DEEP organizes a fundraising drive to bring medical supplies, books, and other materials to the people of the DPRK; this year, DEEP 2009 is fundraising for medicine and medical

supplies to bring to The Third People’s Hospital and Maternity Hospitals, where new mothers stay for a minimum of 5 days. We will take lots of pictures of the cute babies we meet to share with you upon our return!

NODUTDOL OFFICE:  53-22 Roosevelt Avenue, 2nd Floor Jackson Heights, NY 11377

For more information: (718) 335-0419 or