Children on swings and on a small merry go round

Daycare facility for workers at a textile factory in north Korea. Taken during the 2013 delegation trip organized by Nodutdol.

Help us resume our delegation trips to north Korea! Please add your organization’s name to the open letter and/or fill out a postcard by filling out this form.

Why it matters:

The US and south Korea have recently signed an agreement where the US will deploy nuclear assets to south Korea and involve south Korea in its nuclear planning. The Biden and Yoon administrations continue to push for an even deeper military alliance that would further obligate south Korea to commit to backing US interests globally. As the US pushes the peninsula closer to active military offensives, it is critical that we consolidate our grassroots power and create the conditions for peace & reunification in Korea and counter US aggression and military expansion in the Asia-Pacific.

Why we want to lift the ban:

Imposed in 2017 and renewed in August each year, the travel ban makes it illegal for US passport holders to enter north Korea, thereby blocking us from conducting our delegation trips to north Korea. This severely impedes our peace and reunification work, and continues the separation of families divided by imperialist borders. Korea is One! Overseas Koreans should be able to visit ALL of our homeland.

This campaign:

The letter and postcard are grassroots organizing tools, directed at Secretary Blinken and President Biden to create public pressure and underscore the fact that they could easily lift the travel ban this August and should do so. Ending the travel ban is a concrete step, necessary for resuming our in-person relationship building and revolutionary organizational work with our kin and comrades in the north.

What you can do:

Organizations: Please sign on to our open letter to President Biden and Secretary of State Blinken!

Individuals: Please sign a postcard that we are delivering to the State Department along with the Open Letter!

Add your organization’s name to the open letter and/or fill out a postcard by filling out this form.

Open Letter (for organizational sign-ons)

June 4, 2023

Secretary of State Blinken and President Biden,

Lift the travel ban on North Korea!

We are a US-based anti-war and peace organization of Koreans and allies organizing for the peaceful reunification of the Korean peninsula. We are first-, second-, and third-generation Koreans and allies from all walks of life. We are students, lawyers, educators, artists, service-industry workers, medical professionals, caregivers, and more. We are calling for an end to the ban on US citizens traveling to North Korea. The displacement and separation of Koreans as a people since 1945 are a direct result of the division of the homeland by foreign powers and the ongoing Korean War. As Koreans, it is imperative to be able to travel to our homeland, visit family and friends, and help promote peace on the peninsula.

To establish peace in Korea, we must continue to engage in direct, in-person relationship-building. Separation creates alienation, while reciprocal exchange fosters understanding. The travel ban prevents us from pursuing these peaceful and diplomatic connections. Before the 2017 travel ban, we organized regular trips to North Korea where we delivered medical aid to hospitals and fostered warm relationships and in-person kinship networks with the people of North Korea. We also supported separated family members in reuniting with relatives and facilitated translation and logistics. These trips forge vital pathways towards peace on the Korean peninsula and in the Asia Pacific region. Lifting the travel ban will allow us to visit the northern part of our homeland again, deepen our kinship networks, and further our peace work.

It has been over five years since the State Department instituted an unwarranted and counter-productive travel ban, blocking progress toward a peaceful resolution to the Korean War. The travel ban prevents peace work and diplomacy and cannot be justified.

Open up travel to our homeland! Lift the travel ban! 


Nodutdol for Korean Community Development

6.15공동선언실천 미국위원회 / Committee on Actualization of June 15 Joint Declaration- NY
6.15 Chicago
Action One Korea
All Power Books
Anakbayan USA
Anakbayan San Diego
ANSWER (Act Now to Stop War and End Racism) Coalition
Baltimore Phil Berrigan Memorial Chapter Veterans For Peace
Black Alliance for Peace
CAAAV: Organizing Asian Communities
CASI – Committee of Anti-imperialists in Solidarity with Iran
Channing and Popai Liem Education Foundation

Democratic Socialists of America – International Committee
Denver Democratic Socialists of America
Desert Diwata
Eclipse Rising
Evanston Mennonite Church

Friends of Socialist China
Hawaiʻi Peace and Justice
International Action Center
International Manifesto Group
Keep Beyond
Korea Peace Now! Grassroots Network – DC Chapter
Korea Peace Now! Grassroots Network – Hawaii Chapter
Korea Peace Now! Grassroots Network – NJ/NY Chapter
Korea Peace Now! Grassroots Network – Pacific Northwest Chapter
Korea Peace Now! Grassroots Network – Philadelphia Chapter
Korea Policy Institute
Korean Americans for the Progressive Party of Korea (KAPP)
Korean American National Coordinating Council
Koreans 4 Decolonization
Koreans for Woori Schools in Japan
KQT Pungmul
Let Individuals Freely Travel (LIFT) Campaign
Los Ronderos de las Redes

Nanum Korean Cultural Center
National Association of Korean Americans / NAKA
New England Korea Peace Campaign
New York Committee For Human Rights In The Philippines (NYCHRP)

Palestinian Youth Movement
Party for Socialism and Liberation
Peace Action
The People’s Forum
Philippines-US Solidarity Organization – West LA
Popular Resistance
Presbyterian Peace Network for Korea
Qiao Collective
Resist US-Led War Seattle
Support Committee for Korean Prisoners of Conscience in the US
Toronro Minjoo
United Front Committee for a Labor Party
United National Antiwar Coalition –
Upstate Drone Action
Veterans for Peace – NYC Chapter 34
Washington Butterfly for Hope

western Mass CODEPINK
Women Cross DMZ

YDSA at Kennesaw State University

Postcards to be delivered to the State Department (for individual sign-ons)

Front and Back of travel ban postcard