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When: November 21, 2013, Thursday

5:30 PM Reception in Room 558, Shepard Hall

6:30 PM Room 291 Shepard Hall – SCREENING AND PANEL

Where: Collin Powell Center, City College, Shepard Hall, 259 Convent Avenue, New York, New York

Exploring the 60th Anniversary of the Armistice of the Korean War

A Korea Peace Day event – FREE. 


MEMORY OF FORGOTTEN WAR is a new documentary by award winning filmmaker Deann Borshay Liem and Prof. Ramsay Liem. This film conveys the human costs of military conflict through deeply personal accounts of the Korean War (1950-53) by four Korean-American survivors. Their stories take audiences through the trajectory of the war, from extensive bombing campaigns, to day-to-day struggle for survival and separation from family members across the DMZ. Decades later, each person reunites with relatives in North Korea, conveying beyond words the meaning of family loss. These stories belie the notion that war ends when the guns are silenced and foreshadow the future of countless others displaced by ongoing military conflict today.

This film will be followed by a panel featuring Prof. Jae Jung Suh, an expert on US- Korea relations, international relations of East Asia, and international security, film co-director Ramsay Liem and writer/artist Sukjong Hong.

This is an event sponsored by the Colin L. Powell school for Civic and Global Leadership, the Documentary Forum of CCNY, and the Media and Communication Department of CCNY.

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To attend- RSVP to

City College of NY

160 Convent Avenue @ 138th street

#1 to 137th St or ABCD to 145th Street (shuttle buses @ 15 min)

A Presentation of the Colin L. Powell School of Civic and Global Leadership.

Co-sponsored by the Media and Communication Arts department at CCNY, the CCNY Documentary Forum, Third World Newsreel, the International Studies Program, the Asian Studies Program, the Student’s Association for International Studies (SAIS) and the Korean-American Scientists and Engineers Student Association at CCNY. This event is part of the Colin L. Powell School for Civic and Global Leadership’s public programming tied together under the theme of forgiveness, examined through the lenses of Powell School departments and programs.