On behalf of 200 million contingent workers, 32 Kiryung Union members have been fighting against sudden and illegal firing of all 300 production workers and the harsh working conditions. 

Two of the union members, Suk-Soon Oh and Hyang-Ran Park, among other Korean Metal Workers’ Union members came to New York to seek a meeting with Sirius Satellite Radio, the sole contractor of the Kiryung Electronics.  Kiryung has stated that their discriminatory practice has been demanded by Sirius Satellite Radio and the workers came all the way here to confirm and demand the change in the practice.  Kiryung has not listened to the recommendations of Ministry of Labor, judges of the Court system, and public prosecutors.  Kiryung has not shown any good-faith bargaining efforts with its workers at all. 

For information on Sirius Satellite Radio and its monopoly on satellite radio, check on the wikipedia, here

Suk-soon says she had to work from 8 am in the morning to 9pm at night, and about 120-150 hours of monthly overtime.  If you didn’t come to work everyday, you would get fired.  If you complain aloud, you would get fired.  Many collapsed out of exhaustion and in fear of losing their jobs.  Male workers are mostly office workers with job security, and 97% of production workers are women workers who are contingent workers without any benefits or job securities. 

Please join us! The next scheduled public actions are a Candlelight Vigil + Sam Bo Il Bae Protest* on Friday (October 17, 2008) from 6:00 – 8:00 pm at the Sirius Headquarter, at Rockefeller Center, 49th Street between 6 & 7th Avenues, a Press Conference with Sam Bo Il Bae on Tuesday (October 21, 2008) from 1:00 – 3:30 pm at the same location, finally there will be a Closing Rally at the location from 5:00 – 6:00 pm on Tuesday the 21st. 

* Sam Bo Il Bae literally means “three steps, one bow.” Originally born from the Buddhist tradition, it is a uniquely Korean form of protest with a long history in Korean resistance movements. Participants will do the entire march by taking three steps, then a full bow on their knees, touching the ground. In the process, they demonstrate and renew their deep commitment to the struggle. Sam Bo Il Bae is silent, slow, physically demanding, and extremely powerful.

For more info, call Haewon Chung of Korean Metal Workers’ Union at 347-259-7815, or Yulsan of Nodutdol at 917-568-6547.

Listen to the interview for more description.