For Koreans in the U.S. and Canada


(Korea Education and Exposure Program-DPRK)

Application Deadline: February 2, 2013.

Please send an email to requesting an application, if you wish to apply.


KEEP-DPRK celebrates its 10th year as an education and exposure program for Koreans in the U.S. and Canada visiting the northern half of our homeland for approximately 13 days. This year’s focus is: Refocusing Peace: Understanding Growing Military Tensions in the Korean Peninsula.  Accordingly,

1. This year, we are looking for applicants who are committed to understanding what is behind the current military tensions on the Korean peninsula and what North Korea’s perspective is.

2. Those who wish to apply for this year’s program are expected to commit for a 2–3 year period in nurturing and helping to grow the KEEP program and working with National Campaign to End Korean War.

This program is hosted by Nodutdol for Korean Community Development (NDD), a non-profit organization based in New York, and is part of NDD’s overall efforts to work towards peace and reunification on the Korean peninsula. After 10 years of hosting KEEP-DPRK and 15 years of hosting KEEP-ROK, Nodutdol hopes to build partnerships with progressive Korean diaspora activists in various regions to share in the vision and work of building the two programs.  It is our hope that this year’s program to the DPRK will help us to develop new leadership that will continue to work together to shape future programs.

About DEEP

DEEP is an opportunity for participants to: 

1) Learn about North Korean society;

2) Help build relationships with people in the DPRK;

3) Share with the North American public what they have learned upon their return; and

4) Get involved with other Korean Americans working for peace in Korea.

DEEP participants visit hospitals, farms, schools, the De-Militarized Zone, court houses, temples, churches, parks, libraries and meet with college students, farmers, workers and members of the Youth League and Women’s League in various cities. In this way, participants learn the different ways people live and organize in this collective, socialist society. 

Nevertheless, the program is a limited experience – it is not possible to get a comprehensive understanding of north Korean society in one short visit, but the past 9 years of our program have provided participants the unique opportunity to engage extensively with ordinary citizens, scholars and government representatives about life in the DPRK, peace and reunification issues, as well as other social/cultural/political issues in the DPRK.

To prepare for the trip, we require participants to attend 10 study sessions (including trainings) beforehand. These sessions are mandatory and are designed to provide participants with an introduction to the history and society of the two Koreas and the development of both North and South Korea.

After the DEEP trip, we expect DEEP participants to organize public forums and report-back events to share what they have learned and create a public space for open and better informed dialogue on Korea issues.

Because of space limitations and the need to form a compatible and well-rounded group, participation will be limited, and all applications and referrals will be reviewed carefully by the Korea Education and Exposure Programs planning team of Nodutdol. 

Program fees will include all other travel, meals, and lodging once the trip begins (fees will be listed in the application). Program fees do not include airfare (to Beijing and to DPRK). Limited scholarships may be available based on need. Participants are required to participate in fundraising activities to support their own program fees as well as to raise medical funds for people in the DPRK. The actual trip to the DPRK is planned for August (exact dates TBD), although this is always subject to change according to changes in political conditions. The trip will be 13-14 days (3 days in China and 10-11 days in the DPRK).

If you are interested in participating in this unique program, please write to: for an application packet.


KEEP Planning Team

Nodutdol for Korean Community Development