Come Show Your Support!

Where:  Sirius Headquarter Office at 49th St. btwn Ave. of the Americas and 7th Ave. (in front of the McGraw Hill Building entrance)

When: Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Why: In order to hold Sirius Accountable for long-hours of work, discriminatory labor practice, lower than low wages of the Kiryung workers. 

Press Conference and Sam Bo Il Bae* Protest

When:  Tuesday, Oct. 21, 1-3:30 pm

Final Rally

When:  Tuesday, Oct. 21, 5-6 pm

* Sam Bo Il Bae literally means “three steps, one bow.” Originally born from the Buddhist tradition, it is a uniquely Korean form of protest with a long history in Korean resistance movements. Participants will do the entire march by taking three steps, then a full bow on their knees, touching the ground. In the process, they demonstrate and renew their deep commitment to the struggle. Sam Bo Il Bae is silent, slow, physically demanding, and extremely powerful.