The 2011 KEEP-DPRK delegation wrote a series of reflections on this year’s trip. The reflections are called bojagi. Bojagi is a traditional cloth used to wrap and carry items. In wartime, people would wrap their belongings in a bojagi and carry their possessions on their backs. In this context, bojagi is a short reflection, a portion of the trip now carried in the written word. This year’s pieces were inspired by the changes we saw, especially those related to the economic development of the country.


A Traffic Controller at the Crossroads – Introduces the theme of change.

Nuclear Weapons — A look at nuclear weapons and the DPRK’s position

Lee Omonim’s Song — The Arduous March and Songun politics

Equity, a Work in Progress — Education and healthcare

Food in the DPRK — A look at food and aid

“Let’s Breakthrough to the Cutting Edge” — CNC technology and factories