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November 2013

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Flim Screening of "Approved for Adoption"

When: November 8, 2013, Friday, 7:15pm
Where: Angelika Film Center Add to Favorite Theaters, 18 W. Houston St. NEW YORK, NY 10012 (212) 995-2570

Nodutdol is proud to be a community partner for the screening of this film. This is a story of Korean filmmaker/animator Jung Henin, who was adopted by a Belgium family from South Korea. The film is mostly animated by hand by Jung and tells his life story growing up in Europe and eventually returning to Seoul for his first time since he was abandoned. The film first premiered in 2012 and played at the Annecy Animation Film Festival. Even if you've never heard of this, it's admirable for the animation and story alone. We believe that Korean overseas adoptees comprise an important part of Korean diasporic communities around the world, and we were told that this is a great introduction to rather complicated issue of international adoption. We have 25 tickets - in order to get a Nodutdol group rate - please contact . We will held a separate discussion session after the film screening!


Movie Details
Title: Approved for Adoption
Running Time: 75 Minutes
Status: Released
Country: Belgium, France
Genre: Animated, Documentary, Drama

Trailer at Youtube: click here

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