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June 2009

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Updates and Announcements

Thank you to everyone who donated to support our summer internship program!
We have successfully raised enough money to run the program thanks to all of our supporters. The internship will be starting the second week of June and we are silly with excitement- look out for articles and news from Nodutdol interns this summer.

DEEP Fundraiser @ Nodutdol
Saturday, June 20, 5:30-9:30pm
53-22 Roosevelt Ave. 2nd Fl.
7 train to 52nd St/Lincoln Ave.
$10 suggested donation; free food; cash bar
The 2009 delegation to the DPRK is getting ready to take off in July. Every year, DEEP participants raise money to purchase much needed medical supplies to bring to hospitals. This year, we will be bringing supplies to a maternity ward! The DPRK has been suffering economically in recent years, that is exaccerbated by international sanctions. Join Nodutdol for food, drinks and sharing of Korean culture to help us raise enough money for medical supplies.

If you can not attend DEEP Fundraiser but you are interested in supporting our cause by making a tax deductible donation, please click here. (please write "donation for DEEP 2009" in the comments box. thank you!)

Save the Date! Saturday, July 24th
Location and details TBA
July 27th marks the signing of the armistice that 'ended' fighting in the Korean War. This armistice that should have been made into a peace treaty is still in place, allowing north and south Korea to live in a tenuous state of peace. To bring awareness to the fact that a peace treaty was never signed, and to build a movement calling for a peace treaty, Nodutdol will hold a night of music and cultural performances.
Mark your calendar to come out and show your support for a Peace Treaty to End the Korean War and for reunification of the Korean peninsula!

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Who Killed Roh Moo Hyun?

by YC

Can a black person be the president of the United States of America?

Can America be really comfortable with a man who has “Hussein” as a middle name?

Though president Obama isn’t, can a descendent of slavery sitting in the highest office in the country sit well with the descendents of plantation owners?

And if the answer is yes, then what are the wages? What is the price that needs to be paid for this to happen?

All analogies are problematic, and this one is problematic as well because this story is not about the US at all. It’s a story about South Korea. Where it’s been, and where it was going and where it is now. 22 years after it gained democracy. 12 years after military government was removed from power.

It’s also a story about a man who didn’t graduate from high school. It’s about a man who nonetheless passed the bar to become a lawyer, and that human rights lawyer’s rise through government. The star turn as he threw a name plaque at dictator Chun Doo Hwan, and the eventual come-from-nowhere victory in the 2002 elections. He was an Obama for South Korea before there was an Obama in the US. (as documented in Annie Koh’s essay “Smart Mobs for President”)

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New Members Introduction: Jay Kim and Andy Marra

One of the features of our newsletter has been introducing our new members, and also other organizations that do good work. But since we have so many members that do good work as their profession, we decided to combine the features!!

So here is the double feature, kinda like at the movies way back when… Without further ado, in there own words, we introduce Nodutdol’s future, Andy Marra and Jay Kim.

Jay Kim: I’m a staff attorney with a non-profit org called Common Law. Since Common Law is run collectively, I also help develop programs, fundraise, and general office management stuff...

Common Law provides legal education and legal services to membership driven organizations working towards social, racial and economic justice. Individuals who are members of one of our partner organizations receive free legal services as a benefit of their membership. For example, we work with food vendors who are members of VAMOS Unidos; someone who is not a dues paying member of VAMOS Unidos cannot receive free legal services from Common Law until s/he formally becomes a member…

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