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Dec. 15th Stopping Jeju’s naval base through Jam Docu Gangjeong: NYC Premiere

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On the island of Jeju, off the tip of South Korea, the South Korean government has been trying to build a huge naval base in Gangjeong Village that will not only host the Korean military, but also US naval warships and destroyers. From the beginning, the villagers have been peacefully resisting the construction of this base, but they have been brutally suppressed by the police and mainland military, as well as heavily fined for the "obstruction of governmental affairs." Considering that Jeju was recently named one of the Seven Wonders of the World, named “Island of Peace” in 2005 by the South Korean government, and is listed as a UNESCO World Natural Heritage site, this naval base threatens not only the ecosystem but the geopolitical balance in the region. Eight independent filmmakers in South Korea responded to the urgent situation by making short films about the people’s struggle over the course of 100 days, and the result is Jam Docu Gangeong, premiering in the US for the first time at this screening. These filmmakers present an array of stories from their time living among the villagers and capturing the beauty of the threatened coastline.

Come and hear why the people in Gangjeong Village want this naval base construction stopped, and find out ways to support the fight against displacement and militarism on an island of peace. We will also have a live video chat with Mayor Kang of Gangjeong village, who was recently released from jail for defending the wishes of the people.


What: A Flim Screening of "Jam Docu Gangjeong"
When: December 15, 2011 (Thursday), at 7 - 9 pm
Where: [Note location change] New York University, 5 Washington Place, room 101, NYC 10003, (bet. Greene St and Washington Square East)
Why: 1) to learn more about Jeju Anti-Naval Base struggle & 2) to keep thinking of creative ways to be involved and to support people in Gangjeong village.
How much: Free but Picture ID required to enter the building

1. Brief historical background by Professor Henry Em, NYU and Alicia Godsberg of Peace Action New York
2. Film showing
3. Skype with Mayor Kang of Gangjeong Village in Jeju Island

Afterwards, please stay to take your picture in our solidarity photo booths that we will send to the people of Gangjeong Village, and sign up to be part of creative actions 

with the Save Jeju Action Committee.

Are you a creative type? Are you an artist? Are you a cultural worker? Do you like to take direct action? Even if you are not – as long as you are interested in this pro-environment, pro-people, anti-military build-up issue, then join the Save Jeju Action Committee! Please contact us at or come to this film screening and join up with us. All are welcome. 

Nodutdol is proud to be a part of the Save Jeju New York Action Committee.

This screening is co-sponsored by:
Global Network against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space, United National Action Committee, Peace Action New York State, Brooklyn For Peace, Third World Newsreel, Bayan USA, Gabriela USA.

NOTE: This is the first screening in a series of screenings that will be taking place around the country. Please stay tuned for more details.

Please see below for more details on the documentary. (Synopsis in English) (Preview in Korean)

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