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January 2011

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Thank you to everyone who donated or otherwise supported us in 2010. We hope your holidays went spectacularly and that 2011 is equally as promising and fulfilling!

This photo is from a January 9, 2011 rally that Nodutdol participated in. The rally was by Al-Awda NY, the Palestine Right to Return Coalition to commemorate the second year anniversary of the Israeli attack on Gaza that began on December 27, 2008 and lasted 22 days and to protest the ongoing occupation of Palestine.

Upcoming work...
In 2011, Nodutdol will focus on 2 main areas of programming. The first is a continued effort on our peace treaty campaign. We are participating in an April conference at NYU (see Henry Em interview below for more details) and will continue to participate in the National Coalition to End the Korean War. The second is an exploration of the US antiwar movement via work with the local New York chapter of the Move the Money campaign, which seeks to redirect money from the Pentagon budget to much-needed domestic services. We will continue to run our KEEP program—applications are now available for 2011 Korea Education and Exposure Program—DPRK (formerly known as DEEP).

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This summer is the KEEP-DPRK trip. KEEP stands for Korea Education and Exposure Program. In alternating years, a delegation visits the ROK (KEEP-ROK) or the DPRK (KEEP-DPRK) to learn more about Korea.

Application Deadline: February 1, 2011
KEEP-DPRK celebrates its 10th year as an education and exposure program for Koreans in the U.S. and Canada visiting the northern half of our homeland for approximately 11 days. This year’s focus is: Peace in Korean peninsula.  Accordingly,
1. This year, we are looking for applicants who are committed to bringing peace to the Korean peninsula.
2. This year’s KEEP-DPRK program is going to focus on the potential impact of a peace treaty, and of exploring the negative social and political impact that the lack of a peace treaty has on the people of the DPRK. Those who wish to apply for this year’s program are expected to commit for a 2–3 year period in nurturing and helping to grow the KEEP program and working with National Campaign to End Korean War.
This program is hosted by Nodutdol for Korean Community Development (NDD), a non-profit organization based in New York, and is part of NDD’s overall efforts to work towards peace and reunification on the Korean  peninsula. After 9 years of hosting KEEP-DPRK and 14 years of hosting KEEP-ROK, Nodutdol hopes to build partnerships with progressive Korean American activists in various regions to share in the vision and work of building the two programs.  It is our hope that this year’s program to the DPRK will help us to develop new leadership that will continue to work together to shape future programs.

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Interview with Henry Em

In this issue, we interview Henry Em, Associate Professor of East Asian Studies at New York University. He is speaking about a conference planned for April 22-23 at NYU titled The [Unending] Korean War.

The conference seeks to answer the following question: Why doesn’t the Korean War end? It further explains, “Rather than origins, this academic conference, art exhibit, and film screenings examine the Korean War, and the ways in which the war and its aftermath reconfigured memory, political economies, and knowledge and cultural production on both sides of the Pacific, leaving legacies of uprootedness and unending war.” The interview took place December 18, 2010.
1. Tell us about the April conference.  How did it come about? What do you aim to accomplish?
It might sound grandiose to talk about a conference in relation to a historical moment.  But we have to keep the big picture in mind as we do what we do.  Even if this particular conference cannot adequately respond to the historical moment, I think its success can be measured by how it calls attention to certain historical, political, intellectual, and even personal trajectories that are coming together at this moment.  The conference will be a success if it pushes us toward some shared understanding as to why it is an important moment for us as artists, academics, and community activists, and if it helps us to keep the big picture in mind as we create art, teach students, write articles, organize and mobilize people, with a strengthened sense of confidence and solidarity. 

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