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iheartjeju Valentines for Peace in Jeju Today /Creative Propmaking Feb. 18

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IHEARTJEJU Valentines for Peace in Jeju Today / Creative Propmaking Feb. 18 & 25th in NYC

This Valentines Day, show your love for Jeju Island and Gangjeong Village, which are being threatened by the construction of a naval base for South Korean and US warships. Submit your photo to, a tumblr dedicated to showing the world’s beautiful memories at Jeju and how many people support the struggle to stop the naval base construction. Contribute further to the fight at the ‘take action’ link and please spread the word!


to download this png file, please click here.

Submit your photo here:
If you can: please attach this badge to your facebook photo and to the photo you submit on the site. A free photo editing service like plixr will help you to add the badge to your photo. (Note: Open both your image and the attached png file, copy the png badge, and paste onto the photo. Resize, flatten, save, and send!)
We will have the site ongoing through White Day.

For those in NYC, we invite you to participate in a day of creative action. The people of Jeju said, “Touch not one stone, one flower” – yet every day the bulldozers are smashing the pristine and fragile ecosystem of the coastline. So we are bringing everything that is displaced to the NY shores – and we have two days of prop-making coming up and an action in early March.

We will be making props, from crabs to frogs to oranges – all the things that are being destroyed in the process of building this base.


This Saturday Feb. 18th 1pm onward (approx. 8pm)
Next Saturday Feb. 25th 1pm onward (same)

53-22 Roosevelt Avenue, 2nd floor, Woodside Queens (MAP LINK)
Train: 7 train to 52nd St. Roosevelt Ave (Nodutdol for Korean Community Development) (note: weekend trains especially 7 train may be complicated, you may have to take the N train to Queensboro Plaza to transfer to the 7)

Please come and invite friends or those who may be interested.

If you are planning to come,

- please wear comfortable, get-dirty clothes

- save your yogurt/takeout containers (plastic) and bring them, cleaned out

- bring any art materials you may have to donate or use (brushes, paint)

- if you live in queens or have a car, bringing CARDBOARD or old newspapers would be very helpful

- if you have extra paper plates, plastic bags, plastic utensils, or colorful cloth - especially green or orange or pink, please bring as well.

- if you would like to document/videotape/take photos, that would be awesome!

This is a project of the NYC Save Jeju Action Committee, with support from the Channing and Popai Liem Education Foundation.

For more information, visit:

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