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February 2009

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February Announcements

Sat. Feb. 28 - Nodutdol's going to represent at ECAASU 2009: Rutgers University!
ECAASU is the East Coast Asian-American Student Union conference, and Nodutdol will be there presenting a workshop on the need for a peace treaty and an end to the Korean War- continuing our work to build lasting peace and fight militarism both at home and in solidarity with people's movements around the world. Stay tuned for more details on the workshop, and let us know if you're going to be there! (Workshop 3: 3:15- 4:45)

Friday Mar. 6th: Nodutdol will also be representing at KASCON 2009- at UPenn!
KASCON is the Korean American Students Conference. Look for our table at the Korea Exposition (1-5pm), engaging attendees on the ways in which students can get involved in our Peace Treaty campaign to end the Korean War, once and for all.

Mar. 1: MILITARY OR WHAT! Youth Video Project Contest Deadline COMING UP
Remember, the deadline for “Military or What!”, Nodutdol’s military recruitment video contest for Asian American youth, is March 1! Go to to upload your submission. For more info, go to

SAVE THE DATE! Sat. Mar. 7: Nodutdol OPEN HOUSE !
Interested in learning more about Nodutdol? Want to get involved but email and phone tag is not your thing? Come to our open house and get to know who we are and introduce yourself! Location TBD, please check back on the website or contact if you’d like to receive the announcement in your email. (p.s. it will be a night out in Manhattan somewhere)

APPLY NOW for the Nodutdol Summer Internship! Deadline Mar. 15!:
In 2009, Nodutdol, as part of a national coalition, will launch a national campaign for the ratification of a Peace Treaty on the Korean peninsula. Summer interns will assist in the campaign in many different ways, and responsibilities may include:

-- Studying the origin of Korea’s national division and the history of the people’s movement for peace and national unification;
-- Surveying Korean American youth and students to assess general attitudes on the prospect for peace and unification on the Korean peninsula;
-- Developing workshops and educational materials aimed at reaching and mobilizing a broad base of Korean American youth and students in the campaign;
-- Developing outreach materials and utilizing mass media to promote a national Peace Treaty tour;
-- Making contacts with student organizations on local campuses to arrange workshops and other educational events;
-- Bringing together student leaders from various campuses and organizations to form a host committee for the national Peace Treaty tour; and
-- Facilitating workshops and giving presentations at schools, churches, and community organizations.

Internship will be 10 weeks from June through August. (Exact dates/times TBD.) Possibility of a stipend.

Send resumes and cover letters no later than March 15, 2009 to:

Summer Internship Search Committee
Nodutdol for Korean Community Development
5322 Roosevelt Ave, 2 floor
Woodside NY 11377

Or to [indicate, 'summer internship' in the subject]

Nodutdol February Updates

ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP RETREAT: During a winter storm in January, Nodutdol members holed up at a member's house in Long Island to evaluate our work in '08 and get ready for '09. After 2 days discussing some hard topics, coming to difficult decisions, and spending some quality time together, we're excited to get started!

Peace Treaty Campaign and more: We collectively decided to take on a new peace treaty campaign to end the Korean War and bring the Korean peninsula a step closer to unification and de-militarization. To meet this end, we formed the Peace Treaty Sub-Committee, responsible for researching and strategizing to win the campaign. The rest of Nodutdol will continue to outreach in our community and hopefully serve as a resource in educating our young people about our history and mobilize our community to demand an end to the Korean War. We will also continue to support our allies and work to end war and militarism in the Middle East and end militarism in the streets of NYC.

We hope that you will join us in working towards our collective vision of a more peaceful and unified Korea. Look out for more information on what you can do or get in touch with us now! We have lots of ideas and need people power to make it all happen.

Support from donors: Nodutdol for Korean Community Development would like to thank Resist for recently providing us with a Technical Assistance Grant which will help us to attain our goals. Thank you Resist!

Staff Update: Nodutdol for Korean Community Development is happy to announce that we have hired two new Co-Coordinators for our organization. Sarah Ahn and Michelle Yunhee Proffit assumed their new positions in January 2009. The Co-Coordinators are responsible for the organizational management of Nodutdol’s day-to-day operations, as well as foundation and grassroots fundraising. Both Sarah and Yunhee have been active members of Nodutdol for several years now and have held staff and consultant positions prior to being hired as our Co-Coordinators. We are excited that they have taken on new roles within the organization. Please join us in welcoming Nodutdol’s new Co-Coordinators!

Ally Profile: Al-Awda NY, the Palestine Right to Return Coalition

Al-Awda-NY was founded in August of 2000 in response to the failures of the one-sided Oslo Accords and in response to the plight of the least protected and most victimized members of society, the Palestinian refugees who comprise the largest refugee population in the world and who were exiled by Zionist Terror Gangs in the early 1900's, the formation of the Zionist Israeli State in 1948 and continue to be exiled and internally displaced until today.

Al-Awda's founding principle is based on the principles of humanity, international law and the most basic principle of human rights, that Palestinians, just like any other people, in the world have the inalienable right to return to their original homes.Two-thirds of the Palestinian population lives in exile and diaspora without the protection of an embassy as Palestine has not been allowed to act as a state in the international forum. Al-Awda-NY sought to give voice to the Palestinians in diaspora and exile and to advocate for their basic human rights to return, to dignity, to equality and liberation from Zionist colonialism and violence.

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Let’s Talk about Peace: Discussion with Korean Reunification Experts

By Yom Kisuk

On January 14, 2009, Nodutdol hosted a meeting with 3 people known to be experts, journalists and activists with regard to north Korean politics and prospects for reunification.

Who came into town?

UNG CHANGHYUN, chief representative of Minjok 21, a magazine dedicated to reunification analysis, and a lecturer in Korea on north Korea-related issues.

CHUNG KIYEUL, editor at Minjok 21, a long-time activist for reunification in the US who organized the Korea Truth Commission in New York, and now teaches at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.

YUN JIHOON, photographer, who works at EJ Consulting as a board member and writing correspondent.

Attendees from New York: Members of Nodutdol and the NY Korean Democratic Labor Party.

What is the purpose of their trip?

To write articles about Korean-American organizations who have been working toward reunification, and to do some interviews with Korea Society chairman and progressive professors. They came to us as soon as they arrived and are scheduled to visit one organization in Boston the next day as well as to meet with LA forum activists and professors.

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Candlelight Vigils Again: Yongsan Tenant Tragedy in Korea

The grieving loved ones of the tenants who were killed at Yongsan, Seoul, at a Jan. 31st vigil

On Jan. 20th, just before Lunar New Year’s day, terrible news came from Yong-san district in Seoul, Korea, that five tenants and one policeperson had been killed and 23 people injured because of violent oppression by the police against a sit-in protest.

That day, just twenty-five hours after 30 tenants, including those showing their solidarity as members of the Federation Against House Demolition (Junchulyeon), started a sit-in protest by occupying a building in Yong-san, about 1,800 police, including military commandos, were sent to quell them with no prior negotiation. Even as a fire blazed in the building, a crane operated by the police suspended a cargo container above the building filled with military commandos who reached down with long poles to strike at the tenants on the roof, while police rushed into the first floor of the building immediately after thugs hired by the developers had left.

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The Occupation Will Not Be Televised: On the Latest Attacks in Gaza

By Betsy Yoon

Times Square: Nodutdol at a January 3 rally to end occupation and the attacks on Gaza

To those familiar with the history of Palestine, the latest Israeli attacks on Gaza are at once shocking and depressingly familiar. The shock comes from the consistent failure of the international community and media to cover the continued repression of Palestinians and the history of the land in an accurate way, and the familiarity comes from the fact that Israel launches these “defensive” offensives with regularity.

My involvement with Palestine began in earnest in 2006, while I was living in Korea. At that point I had not been involved with any organizations and had come to knowledge of Palestine in a purely academic way. This all changed when the 2006 Israeli attack on Lebanon prompted me to seek out local organizations that were active in opposing Israeli regional oppression, and I found my way to Palestine Peace Solidarity (팔레스타인평화연대 Weekly study sessions on one particular aspect of the occupation were conducted, and we either participated in demos as an ally organization or organized events on our own.

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