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December 2010

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THURSDAY, DECEMBER 2nd: Korea Crisis & The Need For A Peace Treaty.

Korea Crisis Invite

Click here to download the flier.

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CALL TO ACTION: Online Demonstration for Peace in Korea Wednesday, December 1st from 7 to 10pm EST

Korea Peninsula Candles

With escalating tensions on the Korean peninsula following the incident on Yongpyeong Island, there is an absolute need to encourage all parties to stand down and return to diplomacy. Nodutdol in partnership with the National Campaign to End the Korean War is calling upon its supporters and allies to join our online demonstration for peace in Korea.

President Obama is sending the nuclear-powered aircraft carrier USS George Washington (carrying 75 warplanes and a crew of over 6000) and other warships for additional war-games with the South Korean military beginning this Sunday, November 28.

Please read the following fact sheet that outlines the current situation, key facts and historical context to this ongoing armed conflict. Click here to download the factsheet.

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WBAI 99.5 FM Asia Pacific Forum Eyes on the Koreas: A Look At Last Week's Exchange of Artillery Fire

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Early last week, 70,000 South Korean and U.S. troops engaged in an annual military drill, involving 50 warships, 90 helicopters, 500 warplanes, and 600 tanks mobilized for war simulation exercises. The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) criticized the mobilization, stating that they were provocative, and demanded that South Korea halt the drill. South Korean artillery units fired toward DPRK from a battery close to the DPRK coast, within a disputed maritime region called the Northern Limit Line (NLL), provoking artillery exchange between the two nations. JT Takagi and Christine Hong were interviewed for a critical perspective on the hostilities between North and South Korea, and on the US’s role.

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The 6th Annual Kimchee Bowl - Saturday, December 11, 2010

Kimchee Bowl 6

Please join Nodutdol as we come together to celebrate this year's accomplishments, learn about our upcoming work in 2011 and raise crucial funds for the organization. Buy your tickets now! As always, scrumptious food will be on hand so make sure to come early for some delicious kimchee inspired dishes. You also won't want to miss this year's live entertainment and speakers!

And this year, we will be holding a silent auction filled with goodies AND a drawing for a 22-Inch Flat Screen LCD HDTV! (You have to be physically present in order to win!)

Unable to attend or out of town? Please consider making a donation to show your support! Click here to make an online donation.

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Nodutdol eNews is the monthly e-mail newsletter of Nodutdol.Through grassroots organization and community development, Nodutdol seeks to bridge divisions created by war, nation, gender, sexual orientation, language, classes and generation among Koreans and to empower our community to address the injustice we and other people of color face here and abroad. Nodutdol works in collaboration with other progressive organizations locally, nationally and internationally as part of a larger movement for peace and social change.

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