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December 2009

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Send Nodutdol a holiday gift!

We have accomplished so much this year. Any contribution, no matter how big or small will help us continue our work next year. Nodutdol members just participated in a weekend retreat to plan 2010. While not complete, a few examples of what your contribution will help us do are:

1. Plan a multi-day event around the 60th anniversary of the Korean War to further the goals of the National Campaign to End the Korean War.
2. Continue to build with local campus groups and conduct workshops on the need for a peace treaty to end the Korean War.
3. Launch a new committee to investigate the effects of the economic crisis on the Korean community and how we can organize around our needs.
4. Run Nodutdol's internship program with college students in the spring, summer and fall.
5. Send another delegation to South Korea on the Korea Education and Exposure program this summer.

Join us in our effort to build a strong progressive voice in the Korean community. We can't do it without you!

1. Become a member donor by contributing on a monthly, quarterly or semi-annual basis and receive regular and more detailed updates on the progress of our work. You can do this by going to our website and choosing to make reccuring donations.
2. Keep us in mind for the holidays! Send a donation to 53-22 Roosevelt Ave. 2nd Fl. Woodside, NY 11377.
3. And of course, become active in our work. Email for more information.

Thank you to everyone for your love, care and support throughout the year.
Happy New Year from the Nodutdol family! See you in 2010!

Updates and Announcements

Nodutdol's Korean Language Program is now accepting students for the 2010 Spring Session I.
If you are interested, please contact us at or 718-335-0419.

1/19/10 to 3/23/10 (10 weeks)
Tuesdays 6:30-8:30pm
Basic knowledge of Korean language [Korean alphabet, basic greetings, numbers, basic grammar, etc.] required.

1/20/10 to 3/24/10 (10 weeks)
Wednesdays 6:30-8:30pm
Students with about 7-8 months of Korean language Instruction.
Corresponding level of Korean proficiency to conduct basic social activities. Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing.

+ Classes are held in Mid-Manhattan. Each class will be small (a maximum of 10 students) and focus on developing conversational Korean language skills in an informal atmosphere.
+ Tuition : $300 per 10-week session
($225 for Nodutdol members, low income people and students)
You can make a payment on-line at
우리 같이 한국어를 배웁시다! Let’s all learn Korean together!

Please spread the word!

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How Much Does Finding My Family Cost?

The upstairs file rooms at Eastern Social Welfare Society, the agency that facilitated my overseas adoption to the United States, contain the records of adoptees stored in rolling bookcases to maximize space. Cranking one bookcase open reveals rows and rows of manila folders numbered in order of processing.

A folder is a life. A life is a folder.

What is inside each folder is a mystery to many adoptees who request copies of their files but are denied or who receive partial contents or blacked out documents. Some adoptees are told that their files have been lost to fires, while others are shown their files but are not allowed to copy, photograph, or touch them.

Because the files are the adoption agencies' private property, they lack governmental oversight determining how much information the agencies are required to share or are restricted from sharing.

The result is a cottage industry of post-adoption services facilitating family meetings. Yet what price does finding family cost?

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Crossing the Threshold To Peace

U.S. Special Envoy Stephen W. Bosworth made a historic trip to North Korea this December, as Koreans and those concerned about the Korean Peninsula hoped that this was a step towards real diplomacy with the D.P.R.K. The first high-ranking U.S. official from the Obama administration to meet with the North Koreans, Bosworth arrived after years of bilateral bitterness, sanctions and nuclear tests.

There were many in the U.S., Japan and South Korea who were against the trip, claiming that Pyongyang hadn’t agreed to U.S.-stipulated prior conditions. Human Rights Watch, on the other hand, asked Bosworth to pressure Pyongyang to include human rights along with food aid monitoring and the treatment of people who migrate across the border in any subsequent bilateral talks.

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