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April 2010

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Nodutdol is Now Accepting Applications for our 2010 Summer Internship Program.
Application deadline: April 25, 2010.
Nodutdol for Korean Community Development is currently seeking summer interns to assist with the organizing of local and national events to commemorate the 60th Anniversary of the Korean War. Our summer internship program aims to provide successful applicants with enriching and “hands on” experiences through our work to promote peace and reunification of the Korean peninsula. As a part of this work, Nodutdol is actively involved in the National Campaign to End the Korean War, a national coalition that aims to finally end the Korean War through a peace treaty signed by the United States and the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK).
To learn more and apply for our summer internship program, please visit:

Nodutdol’s Korean Language Program is Now Accepting Students for Spring Session II
Last day to register: April 19. Classes start Tuesday, April 20, 2010.
Nodutdol takes an informal approach that emphasizes the language and vocabulary of daily life. In an effort to bridge barriers created by generation and language in our community, Nodutdol offers both beginning and / or intermediate classes in Korean language. For more information, please visit:

Saturday, April 17th @ Nodutdol- Join us as we welcome in Nodutdol’s new co-Director Andy Marra (and celebrate her 25th birthday)! There will be snacks, open bar, music, amazing people and allies. Suggested donation: $5-$25. Saturday, April 17, 7:30-12. Nodutdol. [53-22 Roosevelt Ave. 2nd Fl. 7 train to 52nd St./Lincoln Ave.]

Friday, April 23rd @ Bluestockings Bookstore- Nodutdol Interns present on the Peace Treaty Campaign and the 60th Anniv of Korean War Commemoration. Nodutdol interns will be presenting a workshop about the campaign and how YOU can get involved in our exciting projects this summer to commemorate the 60th Anniversary of the Korean War and move our campaign forward. Friday, April 23, 7pm. Bluestockings Bookstore. [172 Allen St., between Stanton and Rivington Streets. F or V train to 2nd Ave.]

Saturday, April 24, 4pm @ Nodutdol- Join us for a screening of the 1960 film “하녀” The Housemaid, directed by Kim Ki-young. The movie, considered a classic in Korean film history, will be followed by a discussion with H.S. Kim (Ph.D Candidate, Department of Sociology, Seoul National University). Refreshments will be served.

Disarm Now! For Peace and Human Needs-
Join Nodutdol from April 30 - May 12 during a month of Non-Nuclear Proliferation Treaty events.

Nodutdol will participate in the mobilization calling for nuclear disarmament in NYC from April 30-May 2. There will be a gathering of progressive anti-war and peace organizations from around the United States and the world. It will coincide with the 2010 Review Conference of the Parties to the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT) that will be held in May 2010 at UN Headquarters. Tens of thousands of people from all over the world will come to NYC to demand that practical measures be taken in light of the Non-Proliferation Treaty and that nuclear states take meaningful steps towards disarmament.

Join Nodutdol at the following events:
1. International Conference on various issues connected to Nuclear issues: April 30-May 1, 2010 at Riverside Church in New York City;
2. Rally, March and Peace Festival on May 2, 2010: gather at Time Square around 12pm and march to UN headquarter with us to participate in Peace Festival at in Dag Hammarskjold Plaza;
3. Teach-In regarding North Korea Nuclear Issue and the Role of the US. May 12, 7 pm at Brecht Forum; 451 West Street (West Side Highway) between Bank & Bethune Streets.

visit Peace and Justice Website

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On March 25, Nodutdol participated in FiRE’s (Filipinas for Rights and Empowerment) event “Healing Voices: Breaking the Silence Together”. It was in celebration of International Women's Day 2010 and it brought the community together for a night of collective action to take a stand against violence in our communities particularly against women and children. It is inspired by the nationwide GABRIELA-USA campaign “Voices of Women vs. Violence Against Women”. We thank FiRE for a truly inspirational and moving night!

In March, Nodutdol conducted 3 workshops and studies- one at Princeton and two at NYU. We also attended the East Coast Asian American Student Union Conference at UPenn (read our article for more details!). You still have time to invite Nodutdol to your campus, organization or community. Email us at

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Nodutdol Represents Peace Treaty and Asian American issues at ECAASU

Nodutdol participated in the East Coast Asian American Union [ECAASU] conference on March 6 at the University of Pennsylvania. ECAASU is the largest inter-collegiate Asian American student conference, which brings together over 1000 students each year. Participants attend workshops on Asian/Asian American issues as well as network for social change. Nodutdol members and interns presented 3 workshops throughout the day on modern Korean history, the Peace Treaty Campaign and 4.29 (Los Angeles Riots).

The first workshop on Modern Korean History looked at how three incidents in South Korea sparked progressive political activism and rooted back to the division of the peninsula. After a brief introduction to the history behind the division, the three interns presented on Korean War crimes (No Gun Ri massacre), the Gwangju Uprising (1980) and Pyeongtaek conflict (2006). During the Korean War, an undetermined number of Korean civilians were killed by US soldiers in the village of No Gun Ri. In May 1980, the Gwangju Uprising was a period of a few days when the people of Gwangju took control of the city from military forces that came in to suppress the student's movement. Although it ended in the death of hundreds of people, it brought strength to the movement against the military dictatorship. More recently, the USFK (United States Forces in Korea) destroyed the rural villages of Daechuri and Doduri in the city of Pyeongtaek and neighboring villages to expand an existing military base. The people of many villages struggled for years to not be displaced and their fight grew into a nationwide movement against the continued presence of the US military in South Korea. Participating students expressed their concerns and questions in response to these incidents. The workshop concluded with a presentation inspiring students on how political activism can change certain infrastructure so as to prevent further outbreak of such conflicts.

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Interview with new member- Eunkyung Song

Tell us a little about yourself – who you are, what you do, etc.
First of all, thank you for having me in e-news. I’m Eunkyung Song, third year in PhD program of Sociology department at Rutgers. In pursuit of an academic credential, I made a big migration from Seoul to New Jersey with two twenty-kilogram bags and a small backpack (How many things I needed to survive!!) Born and raised in Seoul, I had no idea about crossing borders – what it would mean to my personal life and how it would impact my work. Fortunately, I found good colleagues and friends in my department these last two years. I have been satisfied with my work despite some obstacles and even started to enjoy my new lifestyle with cans of chicken soup for a bad cold, Hanareum for snacks, and unimaginably gigantic pieces of pizza. But there had been something missing when I reflected on my life back in Seoul. My life in Korea consisted of three components: I usually worked a lot in order to make a living, went to school, and enjoyed a spirit of community through two or three organizations. At times I have had internal conflicts in terms of exploring the ways in which I can connect my sociological interests with other activities. Now, I am ready to learn what I can do as a sociologist interested in social movements- here with Nodutdol.

How did you find Nodutdol and why did you want to join?
I first came to Nodutdol through my research question- why and how multiple generations of Korean Americans have worked for the unification of Korea. In reflection on my personal experience as a member of Okedongmu (어깨동무), an organization established in the mid-1990s for aiding children in North Korea and educating children across East Asia on peace issues, I was curious about how NDD has carried out its goals for almost ten years.

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Nodutdol eNews is the monthly e-mail newsletter of Nodutdol.Through grassroots organization and community development, Nodutdol seeks to bridge divisions created by war, nation, gender, sexual orientation, language, classes and generation among Koreans and to empower our community to address the injustice we and other people of color face here and abroad. Nodutdol works in collaboration with other progressive organizations locally, nationally and internationally as part of a larger movement for peace and social change.

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