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Submission Request for REAL KARAOKE PEOPLE!! Deadline Extended.


Calling All Real Karaoke People: Invitation to Read and Sing!

Deadline: EXTENSION! Friday, February 17th, 2012 5:00 PM

Bringing together the best of two worlds -- poetry and noraebang, Korean for karaoke -- The Asian American
Writers' Workshop, in collaboration with Nodutdol Korean Community Development, seek submissions for a
multidisciplinary performance event in February 2012. Part of the Workshop's Neighborhood Word initiative,
which brings literary programming to the outer boroughs, the event will use singing and poetry to harmonize,
shake, split, and excavate the deeper musical notes of diasporic narratives centered on community, family, the
romantic, and immigration. Inspired by Ed Bok Lee’sReal Karaoke People (who can’t join us but will be there in
spirit!) this event will have readings by featured writers, followed by a line-up of works gathered through
this submissions process. Come to simply flaunt your mastery of a song from Boa’s Id; Peace B or submit a poem of
heart break followed by your tear jerker rendition of Sinead O’Conner’s Nothing Compares. Featured writers will
include Jennifer Kwon Dobbs and Grace Cho.

Submissions guidelines: This event centers around the ways that poetry and song can be used as venues
of/for community building, as karaoke has been a space that many have participated in with families, friends, and
strangers alike. Submit a creative piece that can be performed, read out loud in 5-7 minutes. Topics can include:
love, sex, nostalgia, identity, rebellion, citizenship and patriotism, diaspora, adoption, missed connections, and
more! To note, your submissions does not have to incorporate singing and/or karaoke (unless you want!).
Send submissions, questions, and comments to Cristiana Baik ()
Peggy Lee ().

For more information, please go to here.

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February 11, 2012: We want you for Jeju Gangjeong Village, the creative and active minds!



We invite you to the first meeting of the NYC Save Jeju Action Committee. We as an open committee hope to carry out creative actions within the next several months that bring US and South Korean media attention to and build grassroots support for the anti-naval base struggle on Jeju Island, South Korea. (more on this struggle below)

WHEN: Saturday Feb. 11, 3pm – 5:30pm
WHERE: Judson Memorial Church, the Garden Room, 55 Washington Square South, New York, 10012
Map: map

Timing is critical in the struggle against naval base construction on Jeju Island. Every day, villagers and supporters, including nuns, peace activists, and others, are being arrested, as they face down the construction bulldozers and barges. The April elections mean that the government is moving fast to complete a major portion of the construction before then. We are asking your organization’s or individuals’ commitments to come hear more, determine if you can join in any capacity, and help to plan one concrete creative action. After this, we will revisit what the action committee should do.

As part of a movement struggling against militarism, war, and imperialism, and committed to solidarity with global people’s struggles, we invite you to participate as an ally organization and to outreach to your members about the NYC Save Jeju Action Committee. We see this as part of a larger struggle that is taking place everywhere, especially where US troops are occupying territories overseas, to stop the thrust of US empire and to rebuild societies based on peace and justice. Thus, we also see this as a way of strengthening the local anti-war and peace movement.

A little more background about Jeju:
In Jeju Island, South Korea, villagers have struggled for more than five years to shut down the planned construction of a naval base. Ostensibly a South Korean base, at heart it is an extension of US empire in East Asia, a base to dock destroyers and nuclear submarines and from which access to China’s critical oil supply lines is guaranteed. Therefore, the people of Jeju have resisted everyday, been battered and bruised by riot forces from the mainland and privately hired thugs from the construction companies. They have succeeded in delaying construction for years, and last year, only 20% of the planned budget for construction was used to their efforts. However, it is critical to let the South Korean government know that the world is watching – and that we will support the struggle for peace on Jeju in any way we can.
LINKS: (click here)
VIDEOS: A brief 30-minute documentary: &

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KEEP 2012 is now accepting applications! Let the world know of our 16th KEEP-ROK!


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