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Peoples Justice for Community Control and Police Accountability [PJ]
Initiated by the NYC Coalition Against Police Brutality [CAPB] and allies, we are a coalition of NYC-based grassroots organizations that have joined forces to win community control and police accountability. Peoples Justice includes the following groups: Audre Lorde Project [ALP], CAAAV Organizing Asian Communities, F.I.E.R.C.E., Immigrant Justice Solidarity Project [IJSP], Justice Committee, Malcolm X Grassroots Movement [MXGM], National Hip Hop Political Convention, and Nodutdol for Korean Community Development.
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Korean Americans for Fair Trade [KAFT]:
A national organization of concerned Korean-American citizens that calls for trade that promotes the equitable and sustainable development of working people and the environment. KAFT was formed in 2006 due to concerns with the non-transparent negotiations process and dangerous provisions proposed in the Korea-U.S. Free Trade Agreement [KorUS FTA]. Our coalition works closely with peasants/farmers, trade unionists/labor, public health and other civil society organizations in the United States and South Korea.
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United for Peace and Justice [UPFJ]
A national coalition that brings together over 600 local and national peace and social justice organizations. UFPJ’s work focuses on opposing the U.S. occupation of Iraq and the U.S. war program at home and abroad in general.  Nodutdol has been a member organization of UFPJ since summer 2003.
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Korean Americans Against War and Neoliberalism [KAWAN]: Nodutdol co-founded this national coalition with several other progressive Korean American organizations to work in collaboration with the South Korean Coalition, Korean Alliance Against the Kor-US FTA [KoA], to combat Free Trade negotiations between the United States and Korea.  KAWAN and KoA jointly organized four weeks of protest during each round of US-based free trade talks.

Corea Action Network for Unification [CANU]:  Nodutdol co-founded this national alliance with several other progressive Korean American organizations and individuals to contribute to the movement for peaceful, self-determined reunification of the Korean Peninsula.

Racial Justice 911:  RJ 911 was launched in February 2002 to develop a national network of racial justice organizations dedicated to building broad-based opposition to the U.S.’s dangerous foreign and domestic policies, known as the “War on Terrorism,” among communities of color. 

Third World Within [TWW] :  Initiated by Coalition Against Police Brutality in Spring 2000, TWW was a network of NYC-based People of Color Organizations that sought to make connections between People of Color in the U.S. and Third World peoples.